Dragon Trader – Casual Rpg

Can you buy low, sell high in a fantasy world? King Jeff thinks you can’t!

Dragon Trader is an Android turn based trading sim/rpg hybrid, inspired by the likes of Dopewars, Sid Meyer’s Pirates and Elite, but optimizing the “buy low, sell high” experience for mobile play, allowing one hand, Portrait-orientation gameplay.

Casual RPG elements (managing equipment, fighting monsters to get rewards) are added to the trading sim formula, for an engaging hybrid! You’ll have to choose between the different tasks at hand making meaningful tactical or strategical choices, but each task is simple to execute, allowing expert players to play a casual, almost idle RPG experience … until they choose to add depth by playing different game lengths, harder difficulties and competing in special challenges!

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Game features:

  • 4 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard, nightmare) and 3 different game lengths (20, 30, 50 days): a casual or hardcore gaming experience? You decide!
  • More than 15 different enemies to interact with: avoid them, or gain gold and fame bounty hunting!
  • 9 different kinds of goods to trade; 15 pieces of equipment to turn the odds in your favor, including weapons, armor and magical spells to upgrade your hero’s arsenal!
  • Local and Online leaderboards: can YOU be the best Trader in the world?
  • A different, game-changing Challenge every day: there’s 31 of them, plus special ones for holydays – each with its own leaderboard!
  • 50 Achievements: you know you ARE a completionist!
  • Smooth, clean interface: trading in a fantasy rpg has never been easier!
  • Dope Wars inspired, yet improved, gameplay!
  • Pixel Art graphic in a Flat / Material Design interface!
  • Unlimited replayability!
  • A noble King, wiser than… well… actually not really wise! A Loan Dragon as Loan Shark! Heroes and Merchants in a strike, and several other instances of fantasy tropes turned  tongue-in-cheek humor !

Get it on Google Play