Celebrating Dragon Trader 1.13, 75k installs and… entering Maintenance Mode – The Importance of Being Earnest

Today we announce that a new milestone has been reached: 75k installs! Thank you folks for supporting us!!!
Also, Dragon Trader 1.13 has been released: this is a minor update, which fixes a lot of technicalities (expecially for music, which was not working as expected for some users) but adds no features. Damn, why no new features?!
Well, we are indie developers, and we create apps in our spare/free time. So, that’s what we truly are: hobbyst developers :). Our private lives are beautifully filled by TODO stuff and, in the last period, this stuff ate up our time. So, in the near future, we cannot anymore afford to add features, because it takes up too much time, a time that we cannot dedicate to our favourite hobby.
Anyway, we’ll continue to give support to DT and fix bugs.
Things can change quickly though, so worry not, we’ll try our best :)

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