DnDice 3.6 released!

Today we proudly announce DnDice 3.6!

After DnDice 3.3 (which our last post refers), we added some highly requested features and tweaks, like:

  • a third Special Die dS3 (PRO version)
  • the ability to choose customized success and failure sounds
  • auto-save of PRO settings (like drop/keep options)
  • PRO settings are now also part of presets
  • a “clear all presets” button

Along with those features, we improved the physiscs simulation and solved a lot of minor bugs (which users kindly reported).

We are truly happy today, because we also hit new DnDice milestones, like reaching 200k installs and 80k active users! We also got a new collaboration, since DnDice is now the chosen app for the BAa’la-rena board game.

You can download DnDice in the Play Store :)

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