Dragon Trader 1.8 is out!

After 1.7 version, that was mainly for bug fixes, we’re proudly announcing Dragon Trader 1.8, now with a Levelup System!

  • You can now gain XPs through games, rise in Level and improve your Trader with 10 different Feats! Check the Level section from the Main Menu.
  • You can also shorten the process by gaining some XPs watching short video ads. This is completely optional and only happens after midgame to prevent abuses! We even added a button to clear the cache in case you don’t have much room on your phone.
  • Cloud Save through Google Play Games! Your XPs and High Scores are safe and you can import them to different devices! Current game progresses are not saved.
  • Many lesser improvements and tweaks to difficulty and UI.

Hope you’ll enjoy this new version!

Download it for free from the Google Play Store!

Get it on Google Play