Dragon Trader 1.6 is out!

In this new release two features required by several users in comments, emails and on Reddit have been implemented: sound effects, music and 365 days duration!

Keep in mind that there might be bugs (this is an extended beta), especially with the transitions to different musics; if you find bugs please do not give the app low ratings, but write to info@digitalapptisans.com so that we can correct them!

There are lots of other improvements, too, like better layouts and UI improvements!

Download it for free from the Google Play Store!

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Celebrating DnDice 100.000 installations!

Today we celebrate an important milestone, because DnDice reached 100k installs from the Google Play Store!!!

In the meanwhile, DnDice 3.1 has been released, which added the d30, a d2 coin texture, the Special Die (dS) with customizable images (PRO), double success and failure thresholds (PRO) and many others features and corrections.

And… that’s it. If you haven’t, you can go and download it to the Play Store :)

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DnDice 3.0 is out!

It took a while, but we finally got to release our biggest DnDice update ever! Version 3.0 sports:

  • Custom dice colors (with a color picker)
  • Shake sensitivity option (so you can choose how much you have to shake your phone to roll the dice)
  • Auto lock option (when the dice result is calculated, all dice are automatically locked in order to “fix” the result and do not allow them to roll anymore)
  • Better layouts (buttons have been moved and text and icons now have shadows, so they should be more readable)
  • New Help screen (old one was not much helpful, hope this one is!)
  • Tons of corrections and bugfixes (of course!)

In addition to these free updates, now DnDice has a PRO version (but you have to buy it). We know, getting free stuff is better for you, but not for us, we have to try to monetize our apps if we want to continue to create or update them. We will, of course, continue to keep most of the features free (also new ones), but now we will also add some “PRO” features which must be purchased in order to get them. Currently, PRO features are:

  • 10 more presets
  • Custom throw by writing text like “2d6+1d20+2” or “10d4-10”
  • Drop Lowest/Keep Highest option (you can choose to keep or drop a certain number of dice, or all dice with a certain value)
  • Popping Dice/Auto-Reroll options (you can choose to reroll all dice with a certain value, or to add a new die for each die that gets a certain value)

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Keep sending us comments, we will read them and try to satisfy them all! :)


50k+ installs for DnDice!

Quite a big accomplishment for a spare time, humble little dice roller project, isn’t it? :)

Currently, DnDice rating is 4.65, which is a pretty high. We will try to make it even better, in agreement with the time we have to dedicate to it (being almost non-profitable has its own drawbacks…)

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